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  • 5 Tips on wearing a Beanie Hat with confidence

    1. Choose a beanie hat style which match to your face and personality

    You can try the different beanie hat style match to your face in the front of mirror. Ask the one whom close to you to give some advice.

    2. Take your time to feel comfortable

    Wear beanie hat at home very often until you are get used to it and feel comfortable with it before wearing it in public.

    3. Match the beanie hat colour with your personality

    This will build your self confidence and could become your personal identity.

    4. Ask other family member to join you on wearing a beanie hat while in public

    In the beginning we need support from other to acompany you wearing a beanie hat. It works.

    5. Choose a beanie hat with a right size of your head

    You can avoid such unnecessary activity like fixing your beanie hat in front of public when you wear an up size one. Suggest to wear a right size.


  • 7 Tips while in Hotel

    1. Compare the hotel’s price

    Sometime the hotel’s price which offered by the third party on the website is higher compare to the hotel’s, but sometime the third party also offering a low price if they offering sale or discount.

    2. Don’t put your stuff on the bed

    The bed which looks so clean and neat is not guarantee as clean as we thought.

    3. Clean up first the Remote TV/AC 

    The remote TV/AC is one of things in a hotel which is not clean up very often while so many guess check in to the hotel. So better to clean up first the remote using a wet tissue with sanitizer.

    4. USB Plug in on TV for additional charger

    Sometime the hotel offering limited electricity plug in while the guess has so much electronic stuff to be used. You can use USB plug in on TV for additional charger.

    5. Key Card alternative

    Your roommate need to stay in the hotel while you need to go out. Please try to use any of your card on your wallet to put on the electricity card plug in. It works.

    6. Clean up the plate and glass

    Not only remote TV/AC which is not clean up very often, but also the plate and glass. You can wash it first at the bathroom’s wastafel.

    7. The laundry nearest to the hotel as a cheaper option

    It’s ok to choose the laundry nearest to your hotel which always offering the cheaper price.

  • How to customize your shoes – Re paint – DIY

    Talking about fashion, sometime people would like to be different. One of a way to build self confidence. Here is something you can do it yourself (DIY) simply at home on your shoes. You can customize your shoes to be looks different on it’s colour (re paint).

    You only need a shoes paint, paint brush, and heat gun.

    Step :

    1. Clean up your shoes then dry it.

    2. Re paint your shoes using a paint brush. There are different type of shoes paint. It’s depend on the type of shoes. Leather, rubber, Suede, plastic.

    3. After 10 minutes, dry the painting by an electric heat gun for about 30 minutes.

    Now your shoes are ready.

    You can try this at home.

  • How to train a pigeon to find a way back home from long distance ?

    Train a pigeon at the earliest age in daily routine is important. Introduce the pigeon to acknowledge their own home since 6 – 8 weeks age. Train the pigeon in a short distance in the beginning. Review if the pigeon is facing any difficulties until they make it, then continue by adding longer distance repetitively (every week). Choose many different location to find a same target location (home) on the beginning of the training session, then you can add additional home (cage) or add extra meal on each cage would be an interesting idea to improve it’s capability.

    Anyway, do you love pigeon ?

    If yes, you can add to your list as a new interesting activities at home.

  • Tips Travelling to Komodo Island

    Komodo is a big lizard which only found in Komodo Island, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang, and Gili Dasami at Province East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. Local people called Komodo as Ora.

    Now We can visit Komodo Island in Indonesia to see the famous pre historic lizard.

    Here are tips to visit Komodo Island safely

    1. Experience Tour Guide (Local Ranger) is mandatory. They are expert to treat Komodo along with the tourist.
    2. Never walk alone around the Island.
    3. Always follow the Ranger.
    4. Never make a sudden movement which will attract the Komodo.
    5. If the Komodo run after you, please run to the nearest house. Many house around the Island is build higher with ladder so the Komodo can not get into the house.
    6. Always be careful and put a high alert around the island.
    7. Don’t be noise.
    8. Don’t wear red dress.

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